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Hotwire Promo Codes for Attending the Top Tech Conferences in the US

business technologyGuide / March 23, 2019
expedia promo codes for tech conferences
One of the best things that start-up founders or entrepreneurs can do to boost the growth of their business is to make a network with like-minded people and learn, both failures and successes, from the experiences of similar companies. And attending tech conferences where VC firms, journalists, industry insiders, and CEOS are all in one place can give you many opportunities to exchange professional experiences and make helpful contacts to lead your company to success.

Use these Hotwire Promo Codes to save on travel costs

We know that as an entrepreneur or start-up founder you may be working with a very tight budget. But, the investment of attending these types of events is often invaluable, so you may need to be creative about raising the money to attend them. One thing you should definitely do is make sure that you take advantage of coupon codes wherever possible, such as these ones for last minute hotels from Coupon Feed.

More Hotel Money Saving Hacks:

If the trick is saving you enough money, you can also look into sharing a room with other conference attendees, requesting a small fridge for your room and stocking it with food from the local grocery store, and seeing if the conference has any volunteer opportunities. Often you can get a free ticket in exchange for a few hours of volunteering.

The Top 4 Tech Conferences in the United States

With more than 4000 conferences being organized every year, how would… Read Article

Avoid Common Start-Up Issues by taking Advantage of Coupon Codes

Guide / April 21, 2018
top start-up mistakes and coupon codes
Starting a new business comes with many challenges, some are rewarding while others are harsh lessons. Even the most experienced entrepreneurs encounter challenges around trying to establish their brand, dealing with the competition and keeping the business profitable. However, young and new entrepreneurs have to deal with some unique and difficult hurdles that can be quite time and energy-consuming. To avoid some common pitfalls in your start-up journey, it is important to know and anticipate the roadblocks that you may find along the way as this will help you prepare beforehand. Here are some of the most common problems that start-ups encounter in their first year.

1. Not Keeping the Budget Under Control & Not Using Coupon Codes

While you might start with a nice little nest egg, you can quickly lose it when getting up and running or trying to expand. It’s very important not to over-spend. Look for deals, discounts, and use coupon codes wherever you can. If you don’t know where to find those try starting with You can Google almost anything you need along with ‘coupon’ or ‘promo code’ and find something! Our favourite thing to use this on is web hosting fees, you can get significantly discounted rates from most major hosting providers. We found a media temple coupon that’ll save you hundreds.

2. Continual Funding Issues

Hiring your key staff, products roll-out and fitting out your new office spaces can really dent your account. Securing a bank… Read Article

Attending Business Conferences on a Budget & Travelocity Discount Codes

Guide / April 20, 2018 discount codes
Conferences are often really important for your business, but they can also be expensive to attend when you factor in having to go out of town. There are several ways you can save money while attending conferences. First, you need to come up with a budget for the trip, break that down per day, and stick to it. To attend a conference there are some things you can’t avoid. For instance, you should set aside money to pay for travel, accommodation, and the food you eat while at the conference. If possible, you should limit the number of staff who will attend the conference. After they get back you can always hold a meeting where they present the information that they learned during the conference. Here are some of the ways you can saved money while attending conferences:

Saving money on accommodations using Discount Codes

For accommodations, you can save money by carrying out comparison of rates in different hotels. Five star hotels are priced higher when compared to three star hotels and when you are at a conference you really won’t be spending that much time in your room aside from sleeping. You can opt for the three star hotels so that you can save money. Booking hotels which are located out of town can save you a lot of money as well. If you can access cheap means of transport to your conference center, you can opt for a hotel which is… Read Article

Top Tips for Start Ups & HostPapa Coupon Codes

Guide / April 20, 2018
hostpapa coupon codes & our top tips for start-ups
Most entrepreneurs might come up with an excellent start-up idea or solution overnight, but it would take much more time, effort, and probably a lot of mistakes to put it into action. Each misstep can be a good lesson as long as it does not lead to the downfall of your fledgling business.

Your First Tip: Use HostPapa Coupon Codes to save on Web Hosting

No matter what your start-up idea is, you are going to need reliable web hosting. You have enough costs at start-up, you might as well save as much as you can on web hosting costs and registering a domain name. We found a great hosting coupon code at, we’re confident you’ll be able to find something that works for you. The sooner you can get even a landing page up to start building your mailing list and getting people excited for your launch the better!

What Else Should I Know Before Launching a Start-Up Business?

Here are 5 important things that you should know before launching a start-up to make sure it can work and lead to success.

1. Map your funding and finances

Most start-up businesses are established with a very limited cash flow, which can be a major setback to many. This is the reason why it is important to seek capital. Luckily, there are a variety of options available to help entrepreneurs with their financial issues. The first and foremost source to look for money is… Read Article

How Expedia Coupons Can Help You Start a Cost-Effective Conference

Guide / February 3, 2018
expedia flight coupon codes

Strategies to Set Up Cost-Effective Conferences at Your Business

  For any business owner who wants to uphold productivity and outline their company’s goals, it is important to organize conferences. These are powerful platforms, especially when conducted in a professional, efficient manner. To make the most out of conferences, they need to be scheduled and set-up to be as optimized as possible. How can you ensure that your conferences are timely and proficient? There are several strategies you can consider.

Develop a Responsible Budget with Expedia Coupons

One of the essential and critical things on your checklist is to set up the schedule and correct budget for the event. And one of the biggest costs of any conference is travel and accommodations. If you have a large group, there are special Expedia flight coupon codes you can use to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars.     If you are planning a huge gathering, then there are some items you can take care of. Do you need to hire paid speakers? Do you have a big conference room to adjust the number of people you are inviting? Will there be meals or appetizers? Are handouts necessary? Review your event and ensure you have all the items you need. That can help guide you more effectively in setting up the budget.  

Spend Extra Time on the Agenda

  It is necessary to invest twice as much time on building an agenda, so that… Read Article Coupon Codes and Have Teamed Up!

awards1business technologyUncategorized / February 3, 2018
technosium conference

Upcoming Technosium Conferences:

Sacramento, CA: June 5-8th New Orleans, FL: August 4th-6th Miami, FL: August 21st-23rd New York, NY: October 1st-4th

About Technosium:

Technosium is the world’s foremost leader in business technology conferences. Our Conferences have powerful, knowledgeable and engaging speakers who share the latest trends in business technology: virtualization software, mobile gateway payments, new wireless technologies for business, and more.

Travel Tips and Coupon Codes:

Book your hotel room early. We can’t stress this enough: hotel rooms surrounding our conferences tend to fill up very quickly. When you book your hotel, we recommend because you can use promo codes to save money. Other websites don’t supply them. Use this website to get some valid codes: Purchase your convention passes online before you book your stay. These conventions are immensely popular in both the business world and the tech community. There will no passes sold at the door of the convention.

Notable Speakers:

Vandal Savante – Mr. Savante is one of the leading writers for Linkedin, as well as other well-respected websites like Techcrunch and Huffington Post. Mr. Savante will be talking about how technology has changed, and in some cases hasn’t changed, the world of marketing. He will demonstrate how tried and tested marketing techniques are alive, well, and even-thriving in this technological world. He will show you how you how your company, even if it doesn’t have the cutting-edge tools, can still win the hearts of customers around the world. Kimmtree… Read Article

Bootstrap Intelligently with GoDaddy Promo Codes.

disruptGuide / November 26, 2017

The Problem With All The VC Money?

A problem, you say? The money going around VC funds these days is truly insane. But for the hungry startup, those rounds of VC funding can be a double-edged sword. The high valuations can create unattainable expectations that can derail your business before it even gets started. Here are some quick tips from people that have built successful tech companies in the past few years that ‘bootstrapped it’. This means that they didn’t even go through rounds of VC funding, or even applied for old-fashioned business loans. These guys did it the old-fashioned way: they didn’t spend money they didn’t have, and as a result they didn’t have mountains of debt (or sky high VC expectations) to deal with.

Where GoDaddy Promo Codes Come In:

Step 1: Don’t Spend Money You Don’t Have To.

With a start up, you’ll need a little bit of money. Maybe it’s as little as $200 in savings, or a few thousand that your team has saved up over time. When it comes to things like office space, websites, and the usual expenses, don’t spend money until it makes an appreciable difference in sales. An example? Website hosting companies will offer ridiculously low prices for new customers, and they even include free domain names. So, wait until a shopping holiday (i.e. Black Friday, Labor Day) to buy web hosting discounted. For offices, you can usually set up a company phone number with an… Read Article

Who Will Be The Next / February 6, 2016

Disruptive Technologies Can Come From Anywhere.

Technosium is all about showcasing new technologies that have the potential to disrupt our existing business world. That’s what technology, at it’s heart, is all about: changing our world through the advancement of knowledge. But for every Google or Facebook, there are thousands of technologies that come and go without ever catching on. What’s the difference between a technology that makes it, and one that doesn’t? Of course the reasons are numerous, and if someone knew every single factor, they would already be a billionaire. But one example we want to to highlight is What is You may have heard of it being touted as an ‘ killer’, or the company so confident in its prices that it offers a coupon codes that customers can use on top of their low prices. But how? There’s been a narrative in business this decade that’s unfair advantage has created a world where other retail companies cannot compete. It’s the lowest of the low. Consumer goods can’t get cheaper for their customers. Can they?, according to its website, uses a proprietary algorithm to figure out which shipping facilities in your area have the product you’re looking for, and then calculates which one will be the cheapest to ship to you. On top of that, you can save more if you order multiple items. So, if you add a second items to your online shopping cart, the… Read Article

Hot Companies

business technologyvenmo / May 19, 2015

Our Hot Companies List:

This is a list of companies and/or technologies that are successfully transforming business as we know it. There are no nominations for this list, this is a subjective list created by the editors of Technosium. Note that although there is some overlap between the speakers at Technosium conferences and companies on this list, there are no secret back-door deals where companies get featured. These are our true-blue opinions. So if you’re a tech company and you want to get featured here, then the rules are simple: change the business world as we know it. The list is also in no particular order.


Online Payments Made Even Easier

We’ve been hearing about the future of money transfers pretty much since the inception of the smartphone era in 2007. But it has been surprisingly sluggish. The reason? Making it convenient to give and receive money easily without opening yourself up to fraud is no easy task. Luckily two major online payment merchants seem to have it figured out: Venmo and Clinkle. Clinkle originally had the head start with major Venture capital funding. But the bizarre practices and questionable leadership has led to Venmo taking the lead in this world. It’s amazing to wonder how something like Paypal has never jumped on this technology, since it is already halfway there with a massive user-base of people who have already linked up their bank accounts to paypal addresses. But I guess when Elon Musk… Read Article