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Bootstrap a Startup the Smart Way.

disruptGuide / September 26, 2016

The Problem With All The VC Money. A problem, you say? The money going around VC funds these days is truly insane. But for the hungry startup, those rounds of VC funding can be a double-edged sword. The high valuations can create unattainable expectations that can derail your business before it even gets started. Here are some quick tips from people that have built successful tech companies in the past few years that ‘bootstrapped it’. This means that they didn’t even go through rounds of VC funding, or even applied for old-fashioned business loans. These guys did it the old-fashioned way: they didn’t spend money they didn’t have, and as …..

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Who Will Be The Next / February 6, 2016

Disruptive Technologies Can Come From Anywhere. Technosium is all about showcasing new technologies that have the potential to disrupt our existing business world. That’s what technology, at it’s heart, is all about: changing our world through the advancement of knowledge. But for every Google or Facebook, there are thousands of technologies that come and go without ever catching on. What’s the difference between a technology that makes it, and one that doesn’t? Of course the reasons are numerous, and if someone knew every single factor, they would already be a billionaire. But one example we want to to highlight is What is You may have heard of it …..

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awards1 / May 20, 2015

A Change in Technosium’s Awards: At Technosium we have switched away from giving away annual awards to instead recognizing new business technologies via the “Hot Companies” list that we create and update every year. Click here to go to our Hot Companies list.

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Hot Companies

business technologyvenmo / May 19, 2015

Our Hot Companies List for 2015: This is a list of companies and/or technologies that are successfully transforming business as we know it. There are no nominations for this list, this is a subjective list created by the editors of Technosium. Note that although there is some overlap between the speakers at Technosium conferences and companies on this list, there are no secret back-door deals where companies get featured. These are our true-blue opinions. So if you’re a tech company and you want to get featured here, then the rules are simple: change the business world as we know it. The list is also in no particular order. VENMO Online …..

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