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Hotwire Promo Codes for Attending the Top Tech Conferences in the US

business technologyGuide / March 23, 2019
expedia promo codes for tech conferences
One of the best things that start-up founders or entrepreneurs can do to boost the growth of their business is to make a network with like-minded people and learn, both failures and successes, from the experiences of similar companies. And attending tech conferences where VC firms, journalists, industry insiders, and CEOS are all in one place can give you many opportunities to exchange professional experiences and make helpful contacts to lead your company to success.

Use these Hotwire Promo Codes to save on travel costs

We know that as an entrepreneur or start-up founder you may be working with a very tight budget. But, the investment of attending these types of events is often invaluable, so you may need to be creative about raising the money to attend them. One thing you should definitely do is make sure that you take advantage of coupon codes wherever possible, such as these ones for last minute hotels from Coupon Feed.

More Hotel Money Saving Hacks:

If the trick is saving you enough money, you can also look into sharing a room with other conference attendees, requesting a small fridge for your room and stocking it with food from the local grocery store, and seeing if the conference has any volunteer opportunities. Often you can get a free ticket in exchange for a few hours of volunteering.

The Top 4 Tech Conferences in the United States

With more than 4000 conferences being organized every year, how would… Read Article Coupon Codes and Have Teamed Up!

awards1business technologyUncategorized / February 3, 2018
technosium conference

Upcoming Technosium Conferences:

Sacramento, CA: June 5-8th New Orleans, FL: August 4th-6th Miami, FL: August 21st-23rd New York, NY: October 1st-4th

About Technosium:

Technosium is the world’s foremost leader in business technology conferences. Our Conferences have powerful, knowledgeable and engaging speakers who share the latest trends in business technology: virtualization software, mobile gateway payments, new wireless technologies for business, and more.

Travel Tips and Coupon Codes:

Book your hotel room early. We can’t stress this enough: hotel rooms surrounding our conferences tend to fill up very quickly. When you book your hotel, we recommend because you can use promo codes to save money. Other websites don’t supply them. Use this website to get some valid codes: Purchase your convention passes online before you book your stay. These conventions are immensely popular in both the business world and the tech community. There will no passes sold at the door of the convention.

Notable Speakers:

Vandal Savante – Mr. Savante is one of the leading writers for Linkedin, as well as other well-respected websites like Techcrunch and Huffington Post. Mr. Savante will be talking about how technology has changed, and in some cases hasn’t changed, the world of marketing. He will demonstrate how tried and tested marketing techniques are alive, well, and even-thriving in this technological world. He will show you how you how your company, even if it doesn’t have the cutting-edge tools, can still win the hearts of customers around the world. Kimmtree… Read Article

Hot Companies

business technologyvenmo / May 19, 2015

Our Hot Companies List:

This is a list of companies and/or technologies that are successfully transforming business as we know it. There are no nominations for this list, this is a subjective list created by the editors of Technosium. Note that although there is some overlap between the speakers at Technosium conferences and companies on this list, there are no secret back-door deals where companies get featured. These are our true-blue opinions. So if you’re a tech company and you want to get featured here, then the rules are simple: change the business world as we know it. The list is also in no particular order.


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We’ve been hearing about the future of money transfers pretty much since the inception of the smartphone era in 2007. But it has been surprisingly sluggish. The reason? Making it convenient to give and receive money easily without opening yourself up to fraud is no easy task. Luckily two major online payment merchants seem to have it figured out: Venmo and Clinkle. Clinkle originally had the head start with major Venture capital funding. But the bizarre practices and questionable leadership has led to Venmo taking the lead in this world. It’s amazing to wonder how something like Paypal has never jumped on this technology, since it is already halfway there with a massive user-base of people who have already linked up their bank accounts to paypal addresses. But I guess when Elon Musk… Read Article