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Avoid Common Start-Up Issues by taking Advantage of Coupon Codes

Guide / April 21, 2018 /

Starting a new business comes with many challenges, some are rewarding while others are harsh lessons. Even the most experienced entrepreneurs encounter challenges around trying to establish their brand, dealing with the competition and keeping the business profitable. However, young and new entrepreneurs have to deal with some unique and difficult hurdles that can be quite time and energy-consuming. To avoid some common pitfalls in your start-up journey, it is important to know and anticipate the roadblocks that you may find along the way as this will help you prepare beforehand. Here are some of the most common problems that start-ups encounter in their first year.

1. Not Keeping the Budget Under Control & Not Using Coupon Codes

While you might start with a nice little nest egg, you can quickly lose it when getting up and running or trying to expand. It’s very important not to over-spend. Look for deals, discounts, and use coupon codes wherever you can. If you don’t know where to find those try starting with You can Google almost anything you need along with ‘coupon’ or ‘promo code’ and find something! Our favourite thing to use this on is web hosting fees, you can get significantly discounted rates from most major hosting providers. We found a media temple coupon that’ll save you hundreds.

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2. Continual Funding Issues

Hiring your key staff, products roll-out and fitting out your new office spaces can really dent your account. Securing a bank loan is also not easy for many reasons hence funds are not readily available especially to new entrepreneurs which can be discouraging. Trying to convince potential investors that your start-up is worth their money is one of the most difficult things especially for a new business. New entrepreneurs should learn to develop their ability to sell their idea or vision to a potential investor in order to overcome this challenge.

3. Marketing

Unlike marketing a corporation or a traditional business, start-ups require different marketing tactics. New businesses lack the necessary brand recognition to get them in the door. In most cases the budget is usually limiting not to mention the fiercely competitive atmosphere. Selling a start-up requires that you present sound content to your target audience in the most unique and creative way. Try to enlist the services of creative professionals who can help you create quality content. New entrepreneurs will often find themselves struggling to write sales pitches, business plans, essays or articles that are meant to put their business out there. Creative writers can help you overcome such roadblocks when you need to communicate a particular message to your target audience.

4. Staffing Issues

Selecting the most qualified candidate from a huge pool of talent to fit in a particular position can be a daunting task for start-ups. In fact, this is one of the main challenges that start-ups have to deal with in the digital age. The survival and growth of your business also depends on the availability of certain special skills and identifying these skills and knowing how to get the right people may determine the success of your start-up. Any delay in hiring your personnel will waste your valuable time and may also lead to serious bottlenecks such as a delay in the roll-out products or services to your customers. It is advisable to seek the services of trusted agencies to help you solve any staffing problem.

5. Winning Customer Loyalty

The customer is king in any business thus getting a loyal and satisfied customer base is critical to the success of a start-up. However, winning the customers’ loyalty and trust can be a difficult task for most start-ups. This calls for an aggressive approach in the implementation of customer-centric philosophies and tactics that actively engage the customers. To win customer loyalty, it is essential that you consistently provide meaningful and relevant content to your customers.

6. Competition

Most new entrepreneurs can be intimidated by competitors who are established multi-billion dollar companies. But just like the biblical story of David and the mighty Goliath, underdogs occasionally win. Unfortunately, the giants win a lot in the real world. The most important principles that will help you beat your giant competitors is to be relentless and to never be intimidated.

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