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Attending Business Conferences on a Budget & Travelocity Discount Codes

Guide / April 20, 2018 /

Conferences are often really important for your business, but they can also be expensive to attend when you factor in having to go out of town. There are several ways you can save money while attending conferences. First, you need to come up with a budget for the trip, break that down per day, and stick to it. To attend a conference there are some things you can’t avoid. For instance, you should set aside money to pay for travel, accommodation, and the food you eat while at the conference. If possible, you should limit the number of staff who will attend the conference. After they get back you can always hold a meeting where they present the information that they learned during the conference. Here are some of the ways you can saved money while attending conferences:

Saving money on accommodations using Discount Codes

For accommodations, you can save money by carrying out comparison of rates in different hotels. Five star hotels are priced higher when compared to three star hotels and when you are at a conference you really won’t be spending that much time in your room aside from sleeping. You can opt for the three star hotels so that you can save money. Booking hotels which are located out of town can save you a lot of money as well. If you can access cheap means of transport to your conference center, you can opt for a hotel which is located outskirts of town so that you can pay less. Some hotels have attractive discounts; you can shop around for coupon codes and apply them when booking your hotel to save money. For example we found these coupons for Travelocity. If you happen to be travelling from the UK to a conference in the US then it will definitely apply for you. discount codes

Saving money on travel

To save money on your travel, you need to shop around and pick the most affordable travel alternatives. For instance, you can compare airline tickets and choose the one which is priced at the best prices. The choice of tickets also matters. You can go for economy class tickets in your flight to save money. While in your conference destination, you can choose public means of transport instead of private cabs to save some money which you can put into other uses in your conference. Compare the prices of cabs in your conference location before you decide to hire one. Also consider downloading a ride-sharing app for your phone such as Uber or Lyft as their prices are often a little better than cab companies and they are very simple to use provided you have cellular data on your phone.

Saving money on food

The place where you eat will matter a lot in your saving plan. If you opt to eat in big hotels, then you should be prepared to pay more. But, for your savings plan to work, you need to eat in places where the locals eat. Choose food which is not highly priced. Provided the food is well prepared, you can eat in a low cost hotel but still enjoy a decent meal. You should do research in your conference location so that you can locate the best restaurants which sell food at attractive prices. You can do away with expensive drinks and save some money to get you through the conference as well. If there happens to be a grocery store near your hotel, you can also pick up fruit, oatmeal, and yogurts that you can put into the mini-fridge. Make yourself coffee using the coffee machine in your room. Do a quick Google search on hotel room cooking, there are lots of creative ways you can eat on the road!

Limiting spending while at the conference

There are several items you need while at the conference. For instance, you will need a laptop and other materials. Make sure that you bring easy to forget items like your charging cords, toiletries, and socks so that you don’t have to run out and buy one while you are there. There are some items you may be attracted to buy while in your conference if it is held abroad, you should avoid them if they are not necessary for the conference.

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