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Hot Companies

business technologyvenmo / May 19, 2015 /

Our Hot Companies List:

This is a list of companies and/or technologies that are successfully transforming business as we know it. There are no nominations for this list, this is a subjective list created by the editors of Technosium.

Note that although there is some overlap between the speakers at Technosium conferences and companies on this list, there are no secret back-door deals where companies get featured. These are our true-blue opinions. So if you’re a tech company and you want to get featured here, then the rules are simple: change the business world as we know it.
The list is also in no particular order.


hot companies - venmo

Online Payments Made Even Easier

We’ve been hearing about the future of money transfers pretty much since the inception of the smartphone era in 2007. But it has been surprisingly sluggish. The reason? Making it convenient to give and receive money easily without opening yourself up to fraud is no easy task.
Luckily two major online payment merchants seem to have it figured out: Venmo and Clinkle. Clinkle originally had the head start with major Venture capital funding. But the bizarre practices and questionable leadership has led to Venmo taking the lead in this world.
It’s amazing to wonder how something like Paypal has never jumped on this technology, since it is already halfway there with a massive user-base of people who have already linked up their bank accounts to paypal addresses.
But I guess when Elon Musk isn’t around, treading new ground isn’t easy.


Infusionsoft- hot companies

Complete marketing management for small companies

One thing small businesses tend not to have is time. Once you attract new customers, how do you keep them? Large companies spend millions on whole marketing departments for their email marketing, customer relationship management, social media, and more. Now, Infusionsoft is a relatively low-cost solution ($199/month starting) to handle all of that for you. That may be a lot of money to many small businesses, but the company does have a stellar reputation.


Like Infusionsoft, but for social media only

If you know social media is important for your business, but don’t know how to go about it, then Hootsuite is a low-cost alternative to Infusionsoft that focuses entirely on social media management. If you have your email marketing all figured out, or if it’s not part of your business model, then Hootsuite offers a great alternative. There’s even a free plan that may work for many smaller small businesses.

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