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Upcoming Technosium Conferences:

Sacramento, CA: June 5-8th

New Orleans, FL: August 4th-6th

Miami, FL: August 21st-23rd

New York, NY: October 1st-4th

About Technosium:

Technosium is the world’s foremost leader in business technology conferences. Our Conferences have powerful, knowledgeable and engaging speakers who share the latest trends in business technology: virtualization software, mobile gateway payments, new wireless technologies for business, and more.

Travel Tips and Coupon Codes: coupon codes - technosium
Book your hotel room early. We can’t stress this enough: hotel rooms surrounding our conferences tend to fill up very quickly.

When you book your hotel, we recommend because you can use promo codes to save money. Other websites don’t supply them. Use this website to get some valid codes:
Purchase your convention passes online before you book your stay. These conventions are immensely popular in both the business world and the tech community. There will no passes sold at the door of the convention.

Notable Speakers:

Vandal Savante – Mr. Savante is one of the leading writers for Linkedin, as well as other well-respected websites like Techcrunch and Huffington Post. Mr. Savante will be talking about how technology has changed, and in some cases hasn’t changed, the world of marketing. He will demonstrate how tried and tested marketing techniques are alive, well, and even-thriving in this technological world. He will show you how you how your company, even if it doesn’t have the cutting-edge tools, can still win the hearts of customers around the world.

Kimmtree Allen – Mobile payment technologies are quickly taking us into a cashless future. And Mr. Allen will show you how your business can thrive in this environment. Allen will examine emerging mobile payment gateways like Clinkle, Venmo, and Google Wallet. How can you thrive in this environment? Believe it or not the big winners will be the brick and mortar stores….

Dave Katts – The famous tech editor from will take us through the life of Blackberry. The once-darling of Technosium is now struggling to stay afloat. Mr. Katts will show us how exactly Blackberry’s own trailblazing ambitions soon gave way to complacency and a curmudgeon attitude which led to its downfall. Things can change rapidly in the tech world.

Alternate Travel Resources:

Hotwire – You know how Hotwire works: you’re under 35! The site nearly always has hotels when you need them. You just don’t know what they are going to be until you check in. If our above examples don’t work, try it out.

Kayak Price Alerts This feature on Kayak will tell you exactly the best time to book your flight and hotel room. It doesn’t get much easier than this.