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Hotwire Promo Codes for Attending the Top Tech Conferences in the US

business technologyGuide / March 23, 2019
expedia promo codes for tech conferences
One of the best things that start-up founders or entrepreneurs can do to boost the growth of their business is to make a network with like-minded people and learn, both failures and successes, from the experiences of similar companies. And attending tech conferences where VC firms, journalists, industry insiders, and CEOS are all in one place can give you many opportunities to exchange professional experiences and make helpful contacts to lead your company to success.

Use these Hotwire Promo Codes to save on travel costs

We know that as an entrepreneur or start-up founder you may be working with a very tight budget. But, the investment of attending these types of events is often invaluable, so you may need to be creative about raising the money to attend them. One thing you should definitely do is make sure that you take advantage of coupon codes wherever possible, such as these ones for last minute hotels from Coupon Feed.

More Hotel Money Saving Hacks:

If the trick is saving you enough money, you can also look into sharing a room with other conference attendees, requesting a small fridge for your room and stocking it with food from the local grocery store, and seeing if the conference has any volunteer opportunities. Often you can get a free ticket in exchange for a few hours of volunteering.

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